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Capebe Integra

Cooperativa Agropecuária de Boa Esperança – CAPEBE, assuming a posture of combating corruption, already employs efforts to carry out its activities in full compliance with Brazilian legislation, seeking seals, licenses, preparing projects and focusing on a way of producing that respects society, the environment and support the emancipation of its members, targeting future generations through conscious development.

Integrity and ethics are virtues pursued and practiced since the foundation of CAPEBE, being basic principles for the development of cooperativism. CAPEBE, prioritizes respect and contribution to the society in which it operates in its relationships, not tolerating any practice or conduct that could harm its values and especially the laws

With the aim of further meeting cooperative principles and aspirations, Capebe identified the need to readapt its mechanisms related to combating corruption and other illegal and illicit conduct, building new procedures and complementing those that already exist with a new perspective, mainly associated with Law No. 12,846/2013 – Anti-Corruption Law and Decree Law No. 8,420/2015.

Capebe prioritizes the development of an ethical, transparent, fair work environment free of any moral harassment and/or discrimination, whether racial, gender-related, sexual orientation, religious, nationality or physical, union or political disability.

capebe build
capebe compliance

Thus came CAPEBE INTEGRA, Capebe's compliance program, which began to be implemented in 2022, through the publication of its Code of Ethics and Conduct for employees and cooperative members, Code of Ethics and Conduct for Suppliers, Anti-Corruption Policy , Information Security Policy and others.

The reporting channel

Committed to transparency and ethics, CAPEBE has developed its own reporting channel, allowing all employees, cooperative members and external third parties to CAPEBE to safely, anonymously and impartially denounce any conduct they deem contrary to the law, internal norms, integrity and the values propagated by Capebe.

By clicking on the “Denunciation Channel” item, you will be redirected to a secure and confidential environment. Everything you report will be considered confidential, being handled solely and exclusively by CAPEBE's compliance department.

How the complaint works

Complaints can be made by filling out the form provided in the item “Channel of Complaints”, at any time or directly by the Compliance Officer of CAPEBE. Our channel works 24 hours a day, every day and is free, guaranteeing anonymity.

Your complaint will be handled in accordance with our policy for handling complaints, as follows:

What situations can I report?

You, collaborator, cooperative member or third party external to CAPEBE have the duty to report any active or omissive conduct that is associated with CAPEBE's activities and business.

Thus, the more information the report contains, the easier it will be its analysis and dealings, such as: name of those involved, place, time, actions, supporting documents (photos, videos, Whatsapp prints, among others).

Do I need to identify myself?

It is up to you to decide whether you want to identify yourself or remain anonymous. Your identification is not mandatory and you will be able to follow the complaint process and its conclusion in the same way, through the protocol number informed to you.

Our system guarantees the secrecy and anonymity of your complaints and the professionals who handled your complaint are specialized and trained to collect as much information as possible through your report.

Our system does not collect the source IP associated with the electronic equipment through which the complaint was made , nor any other data that allows the identification of the complainant. Confidentiality is guaranteed.